“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why.”
– Mark Twain

Mark Twain nailed it.

Until you discover your purpose or your calling, your life might feel aimless.

You may be skilled and talented, which helps you in your career. But very often a person’s career and a calling are two very different things. Career is what you’re paid for. Your calling is what you’re made for. If you can align the two, you’re in for an amazing and fulfilling life.

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Who Am I

H ey, I’m Povilas, and I’m here to help you discover and live your calling. Who am I? Am I coach? An expert? A teacher? No. I don’t like to label myself in this way. I’m not here to teach, preach or convince you of anything.

I’m simply here to share my experience and the things I’ve learned on my journey to self-awareness and creating a meaningful, happy life.

I feel inspired to share with you the wisdom and the tools that have helped me get from a stressful 9-5 job in London to living a freedom lifestyle on a tropical island. But more importantly, the natural gifts and talents that enabled me to help so many other people discover their life purpose and completely restructure their lives!

I’ve started helping people understand themselves better by asking questions and having discussions since I was a teenager. I was always interested in self-development and exploring human potential.

Move forward. Move forward. Move forward. Even baby steps count.

Then I found myself helping many other people discover their passions and create strategies to turn their dreams into reality. I was great at seeing people’s potential, sensing what would be the right questions to ask, and leading them towards what they desire. For example, even at high school, I was the go-to guy for the girls to get advice, since they knew I could always understand them and ask the right questions leading to valuable solutions.

Somehow, I know how to get the essential answers from people’s subconscious, even when they don’t know those answers themselves. For example, a friend of mine used to date a guy for six months, but he was a pretty reserved person, and she didn’t know that much about it. After one evening together, I managed to get him to talk and reveal more information about his career and the things he loved than she managed to learn in half a year! It’s not that he didn’t want to share those things with her, it’s just some people don’t know how to open up and how to ask the right questions. And that’s where I come in.

I’ve helped numerous people and acquaintances discover their strengths, talents, gifts and their calling. It wasn’t a job or something I do on a daily basis. It came naturally and spontaneously, and it always brought me so much joy when I helped others.

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I had an idea that I should start helping more people and do it more publically. But I hesitated as I thought I needed to develop better strategies and clearer methods.

But one day a friend told me: you have a gift, this special talent to help people discover their passion and live according to their purpose, why do you withhold it from others who could greatly benefit from it?!

His words made me question a lot of things in my life, which later lead to many discoveries while I traveled to India for inspiration, and then stayed for ten at a Vipassana silent meditation retreat in Thailand. These experiences lead me to create whatsyourlifepurpose.com

What’s Your Life Purpose is a platform from which I can connect with, reach and inspire millions of people.

But why?

It astonishes me to think of the fact that we have the eyes to see this beautiful world, ears to listen to astonishing sounds and the words spoken by other people to connect. We have these miraculous intelligent bodies that serve us as vehicles to explore and experience the world. We also have this fantastic tool called the brain, which we use to think, rationalize, stimulate, learn, teach and experience. It boggles my mind to think how come so many people (myself including sometimes) waste their time with distractions, communicating with the people whose company they don’t enjoy, focusing on satisfying the ego by buying the newest cool thing, sweating the small unimportant stuff. But do not use their time to explore their untapped potential, undiscovered precious gifts and deeply buried heart’s desires.

How many years are you going to spend on this planet Earth? Why do we live as if we’re immortal and our time is unlimited here?

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Yes, you might carry on as a spirit in another life, but there will never be a chance to be this person that you are today – with your name, your face, your thoughts and your beautiful heart. Are you going to wait for another lifetime to find the guts to live according to your life’s purpose?

Don’t let the regret make your last moments on this Earth sour. Don’t postpone your dreams for the next lifetime. Find the time to explore your potential, dive deep within your soul and truly start listening to your heart. After all, you’ve made it to this crazy planet. Make this journey count!

Povilas Brand

Bounty Beach, Malapascua Island, Philippines From Philippines Collection. All Rights Reserved.

You could be the next person who discovers his/her calling and starts living according to it!

It doesn’t mean that you also need to quit your job and move to a place where it’s hot old year round, with plenty of palm trees, amazing entrepreneur community, and best food. No. I’m just here to help you or inspire you to discover what is it that YOU actually want and help you take steps to get there.

To start, find out whether you’re currently living according to your life purpose!

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